When it comes to child support calculators, the divorce laws that apply to you depend entirely on where the divorce proceeding was or will be filed. Child support and alimony vary greatly from state-to-state. It’s the same with alimony. There may be no rhyme or reason to it, but it’s the law.

At Guyvorce, we’ve searched and researched the web far and wide for the best guides to help all you guys out. For us, and we’ve “been there, done that,” that means a few things:

  • Easy-to-understand without unneeded legalese
  • Comprehensive yet concise – great summaries of the relevant law and rules you need to know.
  • No reinventing the wheel. Our focus is to give you original, insightful content about living your life before, during and after divorce. We’re currently working on updating our calculators, but we hope to roll them out soon.
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Just find your state (or DC, if you live there), and you’ll see two things: a link to a summary of the relevant laws about divorce there, and a link to a child support calculator.

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