Author: Sara Gabriella

Is Legal Separation Right for You? What You Need To Know Now

Divorce is a major life transition that affects the entire family. The life altering process often impacts extended family and friends too. The deep and far reaching fall out of divorce makes it a decision that is deliberated heavily. For some couples considering divorce, a legal separation can be a useful way to gain perspective on their marital issues and test the waters before taking a step which has profound consequences. For spouses reluctant tear apart a family if there might still be a chance at reconciliation, a separation can be an ideal option. Couples who know their differences...

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12 Tips for Staying Sober During Divorce What You Need To Be Doing Right Now

Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. To add to the complication and chaos, it often involves a move, downgrade in your financial situation, disruption of established routines, and changes in your relationship with your children. Taken alone, each of these changes is demanding enough. Thrown into a mix with staying sober, they can easily make you feel out of control and overwhelmed. Alcoholics marry at the same rate as those who do not have a substance abuse problem, yet they experience divorce at four times the rate of the general population. This is an indicator of the...

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More Tactics You Need When Divorcing an Addict Division of Assets and Alimony

Divorcing an addict comes with its own set of unique challenges, and requires specific strategies to address them. In the first part of this series, we discuss the prevalence of addiction as a leading factor in divorce, strategies for filing for divorce from an addict, and custody involving substance abuse. We continue with two remaining issues: Division of Assets and Alimony. Division of Assets in Divorce with an Addict Divorce laws are mandated at the state level. This means the laws in one state can be different than laws governing divorce in the neighboring state. It is crucial to...

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Easy And Quick Man Meals Healthy food that's easy to make

Let’s face it, cooking for one can seem like too much effort. Rather than man meals , most recipes are intended for family servings. The prep, cook time and clean up involved, not including stopping by the grocery store for whatever ingredients you don’t have on hand, is not happening after the day you’ve had. It’s no wonder that a bowl of cereal or a good ol’ PB & J sandwich (with crusts cut off if you’re feeling like a Top Chef) are often the go-to for a quick dinner after a draining day of work, traffic and errands....

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Tactics You Need When Divorcing an Addict Filing and Custody Strategies

Marriage is not always easy. The statistics on divorce show 41 percent of first marriages fail, and the number is higher for second marriages.  When you add addiction into the mix, the situation can feel hopeless.  Divorce is always rough, and divorcing an addict has particular challenges.  If your wife is willing to admit she has a problem, an inpatient, residential addiction recovery program is probably your best bet to save her, and your marriage, from inevitable self-destruction. An addict in denial of their dependency, corroding your marriage with lies, stealing, and sneaking around, maybe even begging for help...

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