Author: HJ Ozborn

Divorced Men and the Grief Cycle Living With the Death of Your Marriage

Most often people associate grief with the loss of a loved one; more specifically, the death of a loved one. What is seemingly less understood is that grief (or bereavement) accompanies any significant loss in life and is not limited to death. Divorce certainly falls into this category. Knowledge of the stages of grief, also known as the grief cycle, is an important element in regrouping after a divorce. Several theories exist on the grieving process. Some identify seven stages in the cycle, others combining some of the seven and calling it five. Regardless the argument of seven versus...

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A Man’s Guide to Creative Ways to Show Affection 8 Ways Without Using the “L” Word

Affection.  A term often defined with the word “love” in the mix. That can be intimidating (and maybe a total turnoff) for newly divorced men who are opening themselves up to the idea of another relationship. Here’s the thing: if you’ve found someone you like and care for, it’s time to let her know, and affectionate gestures are just the ticket. Below are eight creative ideas for ways to show affection, without using the “L” word. Every single, and spoken for, woman I’ve talked to has expressed the same sentiments about being shown affection: “yes, it matters” and “it’s...

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9 Reasons Newly Single Men Are Hotter Why Your Life After Divorce May Be Sizzling

There comes a day when newly single men find themselves back on the dating scene after wading through the complications of divorce. They can’t help but wonder how this detail of the past will influence future relationships; if it’s a black mark that will be a deal breaker down the road. Maybe you can relate? With the divorce rate at just over 50%, you are most certainly not a rare minority. In fact, that past relationship (and its dissolution) likely taught you many things that play to your advantage. Here are the nine reasons newly single men are hotter,...

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What Parents Need to Know About Cyber Bullying 6 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Child

If you’ve ever wondered if bullying is on the rise, or if our kids are just ‘going soft’ and ‘need to toughen up,’ consider this: access to technology changes the game entirely. While once an issue kids could get a reprieve from by separating themselves from the physical presence of the social masses, there are fewer places to hide when technology is involved. Here’s what parents need to know about cyber bullying, and what can be done to protect our children. Cyber Bullying: Definition Looking for a formal definition of bullying is a struggle, perhaps because it’s difficult to...

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Mental Health Awareness for Your Kids What to Look For and How To Deal

As if splitting the assets, adjusting to the single life, and sorting through the uncertainty of what lies ahead wasn’t enough, the worry piles on as you think about your children. Accounting for their physic al need seems clearer, but what about their emotional wellbeing? If you’re not even sure where to start, here is your quick guide to mental health awareness.  Divorce Affects All Children Differently That’s right, there isn’t a one size fits all reaction to divorce. There also isn’t a cookie cutter solution to address struggles along the way. Age, maturity, awareness of the issues between mom...

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